Comparison Chart
  Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals


Usually staff or freelance writers Specialists or experts in their field



May not be identified Always named 



Credentials usually not given Credentials and professional affiliations are usually given



Not directly involved in the ideas, events, and work they are reporting Reporting on findings or observations from their original research


Written for a large general audience Written for professionals in their field



Language is non-technical Language and tone are serious, scholarly, and often technical



Provides an overview of the subject or information of research previously published in laymen's terms Earliest reports of research findings



Usually does not include a bibliography identifying sources Bibliography almost always included.



Glossy illustrations used to complemet the article Illustrations are few but charts and graphs may be used to doucment supporting data



Many advertisements for popular products Advertisements are absent or only for products/services of interest to the profession



Cover is designed to be eye-catching Cover designed to be informative


Content is evaluated by editors  Content is evaluated by other experts in the field, referred to as "peer-reviewed"



Fact-checking is careful, but not extensive Standards of content and documentation are stringent



Printed for the entertainment value Printed to inform industry professionals of latest research findings 
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