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MLA Handbook by The Modern Language Association of America

ISBN: 9781603292634

Publication Date: 2016-04-01

The Modern Language Association, the authority on research and writing, takes a fresh look at documenting sources in the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook. Works are published today in a dizzying range of formats. A book, for example, may be read in print, online, or as an e-book--or perhaps listened to in an audio version. On the Web, modes of publication are regularly invented, combined, and modified. Previous editions of the MLA Handbookprovided separate instructions for each format, and additional instructions were required for new formats. In this groundbreaking new edition of its best-selling handbook, the MLA recommends instead one universal set of guidelines, which writers can apply to any type of source. Shorter and redesigned for easy use, the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook guides writers through the principles behind evaluating sources for their research. It then shows them how to cite sources in their writing and create useful entries for the works-cited list. More than just a new edition, this is a new MLA style.


            A breakdown of how to cite using the APA format including in-text citations and paper formatting

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association by American Psychological Association Staff

ISBN: 9781433805615

Publication Date: 2009-07-15

In addition to providing guidance on grammar, the mechanics of writing, and APA style, this manual offers an authoritative reference and citation system. It also covers the treatment of numbers, statistical and mathematical data, tables and figures.

Chicago/Turabian Citation Video


  • A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertationsby Kate L. Turabian; Wayne C. Booth (Revised by); Gregory G. Colomb (Revised by); Joseph M. Williams (Revised by); University of Chicago Press Staff (Revised by)

    ISBN: 9780226823379

    Publication Date: 2007-04-15

    Dewey. Bellow. Strauss. Friedman. The University of Chicago has been the home of some of the most important thinkers of the modern age. Now, with this seventh edition, Turabian’s Manual has undergone its most extensive revision, ensuring that it will remain the most valuable handbook for writers at every level—from first-year undergraduates, to dissertation writers apprehensively submitting final manuscripts, to senior scholars who may be old hands at research and writing but less familiar with new media citation styles.

Citation Style Chart

Thanks to the Purdue O.W.L., this link will give you a good idea of the differences between the three major citation styles (APA, MLA, and Chicago).

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