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      * Wilder. By Andrew Simonet. Nov. 2018.320p. Farrar, $17.99 (9780374309251). Gr. 10-12. Jason Wilder is an unreliable narrator. He says stories get retold and [...]
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Booklist Reviews 2018 November #1

*Starred Review* Jason Wilder is an unreliable narrator. He says stories get retold and exaggerated. But he's not talking about his own, right then. He's explaining how Melissa Young, aka Meili Weh, wound up with him in permanent detention. She's there because she broke a girl's finger. He's there for his own protection. The other kids don't like him because he set a building on fire and a boy was injured. And because he gets in fights, though Jason explains he's the one being harassed. Meili is an enigma and definitely out of place in a rural, mostly whitetown. A girl with a British accent from Hong Kong watched over by a "manny" named Manny, who protects her from nefarious forces that come in and out of focus, making them all the more intriguing. But, for Jason, she becomes heaven and redemption and the purveyor of great (graphic) sex. Her mental and verbal gyrations are as mind-blowing as those of her body, and Jason knows he will do anything to keep her safe. And that becomes a problem. Simonet's plotting is superb, and he sharply writes two unique characters, whose sparring will be as exciting to readers as it is to Jason and Meili. There's an inevitability to this but not without plenty of twists along the way. A fresh story, boldly told. Grades 10-12. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.